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Takeovr the World

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Stream SLEEPOVRNXTFRIDAY's latest album "Takeovr the World" now!
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  • S.E.A. Awards 2022 Performance Of The Year Recipient

  • 5 Million Tik Tok views

  • Hundreds of thousands of digital streams

  • TuneCore Spotlight Artist

  • 2x trending on Spinrilla



Since pursuing his passion in music three years ago, talented artist SLEEPOVRNXTFRIDAY has been taking over the music industry with a unique approach. The singer-turned-music producer is not the typical hip-hop artist listeners encounter in the music industry. His fresh take on music and his passion for producing tracks inspired him to create his record label, Jackson Multimedia LLC. Born in 1998, Miles Jackson, more popularly known as SLEEPOVRNXTFRIDAY, is a rising star in the hip-hop and R&B music industry.


Aside from being a vocalist, rapper, and music producer, the young musician is also a talented pianist and guitarist. While working on his bachelor’s degree at Maryville College, SLEEPOVRNXTFRIDAY continued to pursue his goals for his music career. He founded his record label under the name Jackson Multimedia LLC, and today, the label is home to nine musical artists, three artists and repertoires (A&Rs), and two managers.

SLEEPOVRNXTFRIDAY is currently under management with Promotion LLC out of Knoxville, Tennessee. Amassing hundreds of thousands of streams and generating over 3 million views on Tik-Tok he has slowly made a name for himself on social media. He has a non-exclusive marketing and distribution deal with New York label “Bentley Records”. Some notable moments in his career include his hit singles “Take Off” & “Never Been This Gone” becoming trending tracks on Spinrilla.


SLEEPOVRNXTFRIDAY was also featured as a TuneCore Spotlight artist in November of 2020. SLEEPOVRNXTFRIDAY has been featured in numerous media outlets including “The New York Weekly”, “LA Wire”, “Boost Collective”"The Knoxville Voyager", "Breaking and Entering" and many more. SLEEPOVRNXTFRIDAY was the recipient of the 19th Annual SEA Awards “Performance Of The Year” this year and continues to shock the music industry. 

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